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Our Customer Care & Support Services
The Gulf Telecom Service Management Centre (SMC) is a helpdesk available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which aims to get our customers’ communications up and running to optimum levels in the quickest possible time.

The company is structured to provide the appropriate level of expertise in several areas with reporting and escalation procedures in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 quality systems.
The communications link, including space segment and overland circuit is closely monitored by the earth station personnel. The SMC will perform a remote health check, twice weekly, on each multiplexer associated to the circuit.

For technical support from the helpdesk contact

Tel: +965 2468 111
Fax: +965 2468222
Email: support@GulfTelecom.com

The SMC will co-ordinate active faults in association with site engineers, third party service providers and the customer. Fault updates, escalation and closure will be notified to customer representatives.

A system knowledge base of faults is maintained on software, enabling fault histories for equipment by asset number and location to be archived. This is used to identify recurring faults, generate statistics on hardware reliability and update our customers regarding system performance.

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