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Our C-Band Products
C-band terminals offer global connectivity in areas of low population and high rainfall, where KU band service is not available or unsustainable.

Gulf Telecom use type approved antennas and integrate RF modules and telecommunications equipment to produce C-band systems which require minimal testing, installation and commissioning.

1) Fixed and Transportable 3.7m C-band Fixed Earth Terminal:
Intelsat Approved
Standard designs
Flexible packages

Fixed and Transportable 3.7m C-band Transportable Earth Terminal:
Intelsat Approved
Unique, cost effective design
Rapid deployment

2) Stabilized Marine: REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN
The 2400SE fitted with a 2.4-meter antenna is one of a new generation of stabilized satellite terminals designed specifically for the offshore and marine environment. The revolutionary design of the system means the antenna can rotate continuously without the need for an automatic unwrap facility.

Overview of the 2400SE
C-band operation
2-axis stabilization
No operator intervention required
Small deck footprint, lightweight
10 degree per second rotation
Flexible modular design
No elevation limit
No azimuth limit

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