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Our Inmarsat Products
A digital satcoms system for maritime and land mobile communications, providing direct-dial, high quality telephone, Group 3 fax, telex, and data from 9.6kbit/s to high-speed connections up to 64kbit/s.

Inmarsat mini-M
Inmarsat’s most popular service, offering voice, fax and 2.4 kbit/s data from a small, cost-effective phone weighing just 2kg.

Regional BGAN
Regional BGAN offers users high-speed internet access with coverage in up to 99 countries within the satellite footprint. This cost-effective service is delivered through a portable satellite IP modem the size of a notebook PC, making it ideal for professionals on the move.

Global Area Network
Voice telephony and high-speed wireless data transmission at 64kbit/s, via a small, portable mobile satcom unit (MSU) the size of a notebook computer.

Global Area Network services include:
Mobile ISDN - ideal for data-intensive applications such as videoconferencing, image transfer and broadcast-quality voice telephony.

Mobile IP - packet data service allowing users to pay according to the amount of data they send, rather than how long they spend online.

Typical mobile satcom unit (MSU).

Model shown:
Thrane & Thrane TT-3080A Capsat Messenger.

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