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Our Radio Services
The provision of ‘land mobile’ radio has been central to Gulf Telecom’s business.

As the largest supplier of Motorola Tetra radio systems in Kuwait and one of the largest in the rest of the Middle East, Gulf Telecom can provide an ‘intrinsically safe’ (IS) radio capability.

The company provides radio solutions to an extensive list of regional police, fire, ambulance authorities, as well as HM Coastguard and mountain rescue services with everything from hand held portable radios to complete trunk radio solutions.

But our key business is still built on IS equipment in the North Sea and other "petrochem" customers throughout the world.

Furthermore, the company designs and builds mobile repeater stations and other specialist products such as crane cab radios.

Its radio systems are designed to integrate with a customer’s existing radio equipment, or built to exact customer requirements.

As well as Motorola, Gulf Telecom supplies other radios including: Tait, Icom and Sailor Radio, and provides a wide range of auxiliary products, including headsets and portable radio accessories, which gives the company the breadth and scope of product for any application.

Gulf Telecom’s radio division is backed by a fully supported on-site workshop staffed by qualified personnel for the repair and calibration of all radio equipment, including intrinsically safe radio products.

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